Introducing ProChords

ProChords Introduction - English ProChords Introduktion -  Dansk Einführung ProChords - Deutch はじめに Presentación de ProChords

Major Update!
- MIDI WiFi (ProChords to Mac or PC via rtpMIDI)
- Virtual MIDI (ProChords to other Apps)
- New crispy look and feel

Vince Clarke from Erasure tweets about ProChords: “Intend to make
liberal use of it, in all future compositions.”

ProChords is a unique iPhone application developed to write songs with
professional chord progressions, in an easy and intuitive way.

In the process of writing a song, ProChords offers an extensive
variety of options as to what chord could be played next, after the
sequence of chords you have already chosen during a writing process of
a new song.

These suggestions are based on pattern recognition, which literally scans
more than 12.000 successful songs to find similarities with the chord
progression you are working on.
This will undoubtedly inspire you to get fresh and interesting ideas – ideas you
wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

It’s made to inspire – not to do the songwriting for you. It merely
suggests a huge variety of options starting with the most common

ProChords has been downloaded by more that 70.000 musicians,
including many highly acclaimed professional songwriters, producers,
sessions musicians, music teachers and students – all of whom have been a
great source of inspiration for the continuous improvements.

Be Creative Everywhere
You don’t have to sit by your instrument to work out new ideas for
tunes. You can literally work anywhere – with or without headphones.
And having it next to you when you are playing your instrument is an
endless source of inspiration, and will definitely help boost your creative


ProChords support:
MIDI WiFi (ProChords to Mac or PC via rtpMIDI)
Virtual MIDI (ProChords to other Apps)
MIDI E-mail Export

It’s highly recommended to check the tutorial, to get the full
benefit of ProChords.

Good Luck!

Download ProChords from iTunes