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Drag the pre chosen C chord on top of the screen to the left by using your finger. Press the “find match” button. Press the chord you want next from the list. Press green push button.
Drag this chord left to make space for at new chord. Add a few more chords if you like, and you have a Progression Band!

How to change a chord in your song
Drag the progression band from side to side and you will notice the arrow pointer can be positioned in three places in relation to the chord.

The Progression band can be dragged, so you can add and edit as you please.
• To extend the chord progression – Drag the Progression Band to the far left and press the Find Match button, as described above.
• To insert a chord between two chords – Drag the band, so the arrow points at the space between the chords and press the Find Match button
• To insert a chord in the beginning – Drag the band to the far right and press the Find Match button
• To substitute a chord with an alternative chord – Drag the band so the arrow points at the chord and press the Find Match button
• NB: If you only want to adjust the way the chord is played, or change a single note in the chord. the Edit Feature is likely to be the convenient option.

When You have decided what part of the Progression Band you want to elaborate, press the Find Match button and ProChords will make a search in its extensive database looking for similarities to the chord sequence you are focusing on.

A list of suggestions will appear. The list can be scrolled.

All the chords suggestions are rated, based on similarity to the huge number of successful songs in the database.
• 5 stars are the most common choices in the song database
• 4 stars common choices
• 3 stars are chords with an edge, but still commonly used
• 2 stars are chords that are unusual, but has been used occasionally.
• 1 star: ProChords found a related match

It’s up to you to decide, what chord you prefer to insert. To make your choice, tab on any of the different suggestions you find after pressing the find match button. To hear what they sound like before choosing them just press the chord. It may be helpful to hear them in immediate context with the chords you’ve already chosen for your chord progression. So this is what you could do:

There are two different techniques for playing the chord progression:

• Press the visible chords in the progression band, one by one, and then press the chord from the Find Match options you’re thinking of.
• Alternatively, add the chord to the progression band by pressing the round green push button , just below the arrow pointer. Then use the three play buttons in the bottom of the screen to hear the progression.
• The left play button, plays the first chord in the progression
• The center play button, repeat the current chord
• And the right play button, plays the next chord in the progression.
If You have reached the end of the progression, the right play button will loop it.

You can close the find match screen again, either by pressing the green check mark button or the red X button.
The green check mark button saves the changes you’ve made and the red X button cancels them.
You don’t have to close the find match panel
You can drag the progression band one step and go on searching for the next chord.

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