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This is a great App (updated)
by AG Hatecraft on Jan 12, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I love this app. It’s really useful, and well thought out. It’s worth the money. I do, however, experience quite a bit of lag once my song exceeds 3 chords. It’s still usable, but my 3G doesn’t seem to like it much. *edit* I just updated my phone to the latest OS/firmware, and now the app runs great. Make sure you are up to date before using this app. Now that it functions as intended, prochords gets 5 stars. It’s a useful song sketching tool with a powerful and handy midi export feature. It’s well worth the money for anyone who takes advantage of midi, and enjoyable even for those that don’t.
by Ujnuybn on Jan 11, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
ProCord Is Amazing
by Bass Man Spice on Jan 11, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
Every songwriter needs this.
Great program. Just what I needed.
by Fuzz54 on Jan 11, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I am usually able to write a decent melody off of a chord or two. Transitioning beyond that is my weakness and this program helps a lot. For those that need guitar tablature for chords, export to midi and then use a program like Tabledit to translate to tablature. There’s lots of programs that translate midis to tab, but Tabledit is the best I have found over the years.
by beebopkim on Jan 11, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
anyone who knows little bit of harmony can make good chord progression with procords! super easy and soo perfect!!
by rogerwilco2000 on Jan 10, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
This app is so well designed for what it’s supposed to do. I need help with a chord progression, I open this app, and five minutes later I’m exporting a MIDI track to import into Ableton Live. The UI is so fluid and helpful, it makes sense and is a complete joy to use. With ProChord I can work on songs anywhere and when away from my instruments. The only way this app would be better is if it were free, and let’s face it—$6 is as close to free as any music software worth using.
A great little tool for songwriters
by tothlaw on Jan 8, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
This little toy/tool is wonderful! It allows you to play chord progressions when you are thinking about a song lyric and want to sing it with chords etc. It also gives you the power to rethink progressions when you are not near an instrument. I havent spent much time with it yet so I am sure it is more powerful than I know right now…
It’s good…
by LoudAsHope on Jan 8, 2010 v1.0.0

4 stars
To be great, add diagrams for the chords on a guitar! If this was on there i would have paid another dollor or two. This is not asking much. Hope to see this update soon! Then i’ll change it to 5 stars. Also, if they release a ProChords just for guitar, i’ll be pissed. Nowhere does this say ProChords Piano, so they should just add it to this one, and change the icon. If they were planning on releasing different apps for different instruments, they should have said so. That way people could have waited. I don’t regret buying it though.
by Exileworld on Jan 8, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
Really, an awesome app! Gave me plenty of new ideas if used correctly
Amazing Application!
by Drewnice on Jan 7, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
This app has unlocked an entire world of possibility in my self-taught learning process of playing piano. Chords and their many different changes are no longer a mystery and ProChord is to thank. Highly recommended.