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Greatest Creative Tool There Is
by trava74 on Jan 6, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I’ve owned this app for less then an hour now and I know without a doubt that this is the greatest tool for creating music that I’ve ever owned (besides my guitar of course). This is like having doors opened for you that you might have never known existed. I have quite a few songs that I’ve been sitting on, some for more than 10 years, and I can’t wait to see what Pro Chords suggests. Most of the memory in my iPhone is occupied with music apps, and this is the most useful and brilliant one yet. If you play any sort of instrument, you need to own this app.
3 Word Review
by Mateotemprano on Jan 6, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
Best app ever.
Great App
by Tshirt1515 on Jan 5, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
This app is fantastic! If they ever combined this with Guitar Toolkit, it would be the greatest guitarist’s tool since the invention of the tuner. For those of us without a Master’s in Music Theory it is invaluable. Great job with this! TOTALLY worth the $6.
Thumbs up app
by IamStresS on Jan 5, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
Awesome app. Being able to export midi files & import into music software such as reason just opens up a new level of creativity
Just Awesome
by JT–77 on Jan 5, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I’m an amateur pianist with some background in theory, but tend to find myself being lazy about chord and scale choices when playing or composing. This is a great tool to help me remember what other choices might exist. I love it already.
Good only for what it really is.
by matimaui on Jan 5, 2010 v1.0.0

3 stars
Great idea, good product, great potential for improvement. If you want to write songs you need talent. This app is useful for checking out different chords for songs you have been working on already on a real instrument.
Please don’t buy! :-)
by robertduran777 on Jan 4, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I want to be the one to make the Next Hit Song!! Hahaaha! Love it! Being in the music industry for over 25 years and owning a music studio I can tell you this is my new favorite piece of gear! An absolute must!! Devs please add generic drum beats with tempo for added inspiratonal effect. A+++++
Needs Guitar!! . . but Great all the same
by markaknight on Jan 4, 2010 v1.0.0

4 stars
I love this app but only has piano keyboard (as shown). Please, please, please add fretboard for guitar.
Great subway sketchpad!
by SOListiqPsalmist on Jan 4, 2010 v1.0.0

5 stars
I’m always coming up with song ideas in the most creatively inconvenient places (on the subway, at work, etc.). This app not only provides a sketchpad for chords, but it also helps me come up some interesting reharmonizations. I recommend this to any songwriter/musician looking for an inspirational creative tool.
Terrific, But Needs To Record
by PeachesNYC on Jan 4, 2010 v1.0.0

4 stars
I’m loving this app. It’s great for non-musicians to noodle around at building song snippets or just seeing if you can re-create the chords from songs you already know (took me about a minute to re-create the intro to “Lean On Me”). But what the app desperately needs is some sort of record function. I’ve come up with so many snippets, I’ve started to forget the tempo and rhythm of some of them. Another nice touch would be a piano keyboard page that would allow you to pluck out melodies as you play back the chords you have already recorded. All in all, a great start on a very cool app.

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