You find the button of the settings menu in the to right corner of the main screen.

How it works

The top controller indicates what property you want to change and the bottom controller sets the value. You can set both of them by tapping and dragging,

Drag when you want to make big changes.

Tap when you want to make small changes.


Sound on/off
Only affects the audio coming out of your device, Not MIDI Out.

Beats Per Minute.
Affects both recording and metronome.

Beep On/Off
Beep on beats, only affects the metronome.

Key Of Song/Transposing
Setting Key of Song is very important.
The suggestion tool depends on it. Wrong Key= Wrong suggestions

If the key is changed, you will be asked
whether you like to transpose the existing chords.
The suggestion tool will always relate to the current key.

Using flat or sharp notation only affect the notation.

MIDI settings
Check out the MIDI tutorial

No Sound?

Check the mute button on the side of the device.
Check the volume on the device
Check Pro Chords setting page that Sound is “On”

Still No Sound?

If it’s related to MIDI:
Check out the MIDI setup guide

If it’s related to Audio:
Check the guide